6 Best Penis Exercises to Enhance Size


Is your sex life being affected due to the size of your penis? There is no reason to be concerned since there is several penis exercises that will help to enlarge your penis, assist with erectile dysfunction as well as improve hardness the natural way.

While you will discover plenty of healthy food for more powerful erections which you can eat an hour before having sex, there are penis exercises that can make it easier to increase your penile size. Boldsky has assembled six of the best penis exercises to enhance the size of your penis.

penis-exercisesThrough daily exercises, you will notice positive results in just a short period of time. At the same time, it will be possible to even discover plenty of miracles during the course of sex, which will absolutely make you happy and cause sex to be something you are looking forward to again. In addition, if you would like to increase your ability as a man, listed below is a few of the best penis exercises to increase the size of your penis.


Exercise 1 – Apply the Stroking Technique.

Gradually hold your penile and stroke it using a downward motion. On the other hand, tend not to hold it too tight while moving it up and down, since you could prevent blood flow when your grip is too tight. The main reason for this penis exercise to enhance size to ensure improved blood flow to your penis head.

Exercise 2 – Make use of Gestures.

Make use of the ‘okay sign’ hand gesture for the first penile exercise to enlarge the size. This process requires you to keep the male member within the okay sign, gradually hold your shaft and stretch it simultaneously. You have to pull it in various directions for around 7 minutes. Repeating this process once within two weeks can make you see the positive results.

Exercise 3 – Make use of Warm Towels.

While using a warm towel, begin draining all the hot water from it entirely and put it around your penis. The heat from the hot towel increases the blood circulation to the male organ which as a result works well for erectile dysfunction as well as helps to enlarge the penis size.

Exercise 4 – Use Your Thumb.

Among the best penis exercise to enhance hardness is by making use of the thumb. Your penis should be held at the tip while stretching it slowly and firmly in a downwards motion. Position your thumb at the base of your manhood as the other fingers support its shaft. This exercise should be done to improve hardness every 10 seconds before having sex.

Exercise 5 – The Perfect Stretch.

Begin by keeping your manhood at the lower part and carefully pull it in a downward motion. While stretching it softly, ensure that you maintain the stretch for at least 10-15 minutes. This penis exercise is great for penis enlargement as well as ensuring that the penis stays harder for longer.

Exercise 6 – Exercise During Erections.

This penis exercise to enhance size could possibly be somewhat challenging for you to perform as it should be done in the course of an erection. Begin by stretching it side to side, in several directions for at least 10 seconds. This should be done no less than twice weekly if you would like to see results. Note – make an effort to avoid premature ejaculation. This is certainly among the best penis exercises for erectile dysfunction.


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