What is the best penis pump? Penomet vs Bathmate X40


What’s the Best Penis Pump on the Market?

Both Penomet and Bathmate claim to be selling the top penis pump for male enhancement, but only one can truly be the best.

With both Penomet and Bathmate asserting that they have developed the very best penis pump around, it’s hard to know just who you should trust. Since both of the products rely on the use of water in order to create more even pressure within their pump’s chambers, it would only be logical to assume that they were effectively the same pump that’s just being manufactured by two different companies. Once you take a harder look at these two products, however, it’s easy to see that there are actually some pretty substantial differences between the two and that there’s a clear winner when it comes to which of them offers the most dramatic and reliable results.

What Exactly Are Penis Pumps?

Some form or another of penis pumps have been used by men all around the world for the purpose of penis enlargement for years. Because they are both effective and extremely easy for the user to operate, they offer a solution that has been embraced by both medical doctors and the men that they prescribe them to. The science that lies behind these devices is relatively straight-forward as well, undoubtedly another reason for their rising popularity among the general population.

Inside the penis are two areas of tissue that are called the corpus cavernosa, which have the capacity to expand when they are filled with blood, as they would be during an erection. These regions run the full length of the penis before meeting at its tip, allowing for the entire shaft to get hard when sexual arousal occurs. If a man wants to increase both the length and the girth of his penis, one of the best ways for him to do it is to get more blood to the region in order to stretch and expand this tissue in every direction. As it is able to hold more and more blood, the penis will become longer, wider and harder anytime that an erection takes place.

Since the vacuum pressure of a pump can draw more blood into the corpus cavernosa than the human body could on its own, penis pumps are considered a viable strategy for helping men who feel that there penises just don’t measure up. The capability to provide a controlled level of pressure to the penis on a reliably consistent basis means that any man can expect to see some results from the use of a well-designed penis pump.

Water pumps have recently gained a great deal of attention due to the fact that they use water in order to create a more even and sustained pressure throughout their use than the air pumps that have been used in the past. Both Penomet and Bathmate are considered to be water pumps, although both of these products can also be used safely without water. Keep in mind that both devices do stress that for best results, the pumps should be used with water every time.

natural penis enlargementPenomet Pump

The unique two-part design of the Penomet penis pump is unquestionably one of its biggest selling features. This allows for the use of different gaiters at different times, which can provide more or less pressure on the penis based on user preference.

Each gaiter is color-coded for easy recognition and it is recommended that users start out with the lowest pressured one first, before gradually moving on as they become more accustomed to their use.

Those who purchase the Penoment pump also receive a helpful exercise regimen that spells out which gaiter to use and for how long before switching to the next level. Anyone who is worried that one of these male enhancement devices might be uncomfortable will definitely want to try this particular pump first. Between the steady increase in pressure that is easily controlled by the user and the quick release valve at the tip of the pump, Penomet has devised a product that is not at all intimidating to use and that can provide impressive results for those who choose to stick with it.

best penis pump bathmateBathmate’s Pump

Bathmate has built in some of the same features as the Penomet device in their own pump, including the easy release valve, which is certainly a good thing. The biggest problem with the Bathmate device is that it doesn’t come with any type of an individualized solution for men.

This one-size-fits-all pump comes in one piece, which means that it’s impossible to alter the gaiter in order to fit your own specific needs and comfort level. Whereas Penomet sends a set of five different ones with five different pressures, the Bathmate pump is just one and it’s up to the user to get everything just right.

Based on reviews, the one-piece accordion base can be quite uncomfortable for many users as well. Part of the trouble is that it simply cannot be adjusted to better suit the individual user, so you wind being stuck with a piece of equipment that you know you should be wearing on a regular basis, but that is too unpleasant to continue using.

And The Winner Is…

Although these two male enhancement products do have some similarities, there really isn’t a comparison when it comes right down to it. The Penoment penis pump, with its two-piece design and five-gaiter system, is most definitely the standout winner between the two. Bathmate pump has a few good qualities, like the quick release valve and a money-back guarantee, but you can also get both of these features with the Penomet device, as well as its versatility and a much more customized fit for greater comfort.

When you consider all of the factors, what becomes exceedingly clear very quickly is that when it comes to determining who makes the best penis pump on the market, Penomet outperforms the Bathmate product in every way that matters.

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