Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile Dysfunction: What causes it and what are its effects?

Generally, erectile dysfunction occurs towards the back.
Men are generally made aware of the effects it has on the loss of control while erect and their lack of sexual energy. They are of the impression that the impulses and sensations present in their body are responsible for the lack of erection.
However, it must be noted that the effects are not linear. They do play a role in the cause of erectile dysfunction but are not directly proportional. This is not the cause for erectile dysfunction and due to this, many of the treatments provided do not bear any results.
Consider a few below mentioned examples.

1) Medical Conditions such as diabetes and hypertension
A large chunk of people with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction and the occurrence rate is a whopping 35-50%. This is mainly due to a condition called arteriosclerosis, where the walls of the arteries start hardening and getting thick. On an average, 15% of the men who have high-blood pressure levels suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Diabetes can be controlled by sticking to diets and more information about it can be found in the documentary “Raw for 30 Days”. Still, diets for treatment are not recognized by conventional medicinal practitioners. Despite following a diet and a drastic reduction in the levels of blood-sugar, an individual would respond to their sexual impulses in a similar way that made them have cravings for high-sugar foods.
One of the most common perspective of this, getting confused for the strength with weak erections, however, continues to prevail.

2) Erectile Dysfunction due to drugs
Drugs can be a major cause or erectile dysfunction and the drugs that are responsible include both pharmaceutical drugs and recreational drugs or it might also be a combination of both.

Generally, men consume drugs as they are of the impression that they are about to or have already lost control over the sexual impulses of their body and this only leads to worsening of the condition. These instances include the consumption of Viagra and Ecstasy together.

There are other drugs too that help in relaxation of the body but have a negative impact in the long term. Marijuana is a natural drug that relaxes the body, but it is momentary and you would feel horny when its effect is on and your senses would increase to a level more than normal, but eventually, your penis ends up getting limp in the long-term.

Similarly, drugs such as heroine, cocaine, opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines and several other drugs give momentary boost to the libido, but their repercussions in the long term are devastating and makes your body dependent on external supplements for your senses to excite.

3) Erectile Dysfunction due to smoking and alcohol
Smoking and alcohol are again drugs in another form. But they are widely used as it is legal and is available easily.

Smoking leads to reduction of blood circulation and the arteries get hardened eventually, including the arteries located in the penis. Not only does an individual bear the risk of lung cancer, but is likely to have disorders of the blood vessels.

Similarly, alcohol relaxes your body temporarily and may help you achieve erection. But in the long run, it ends up depressing your central nervous system and there is an imparity in the sexual well-being. This condition is known as the drinkers droop.

As there is a momentary advantage involved after alcohol consumption, they try to achieve erection by consuming alcohol and this ends up taking a toll on the natural libido of the body.

4) Erectile Dysfunction due to Imbalance of Hormones
Even though testosterone is not directly responsible for the levels of libido, it does have an effect on the level of dopamine that would lead to the artificial triggering.

When a man reaches his 50s, the testosterone levels start dropping until the age of 70 and at his stage, it is only 30% of the initial levels. Due to this, older men face an increased chance of erectile dysfunction. Still, it is only in 5% of the men who undergo treatment for erectile dysfunction that the testosterone levels are low. This again proves that there is a wrong notion among a majority of people between the causes of erectile dysfunction and its effect.

5) Erectile Dysfunction due to Psychological Factors
Erectile Dysfunction is caused due to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, stress, depression and fear of sexual failure among 20% of the cases. However, they do not pay heed to the root cause for erectile dysfunction and ignore the problem due to which it is caused.

When a man is subject to anxiety, his brain releases chemicals that come in the way of smooth functioning of muscles in the arteries of penis. Due to this, the inflow of blood into the penis decreases and the outflow of blood increases, which leads to a reduced erection.

However, as mention earlier, these are factors that just add up to erectile dysfunction and are not themselves responsible, but can just be seen as effects.

Effects of Erectile Dysfunction? What are the causes?

The main cause for erectile dysfunction to occur would be a physical problem of types and mental stress or tension only adds up to it. There is no particular reason for your sexual libido to decrease and penis to lose erection but it is a consequence of you losing control over your penis and libido gradually. Remember that sexual energy is the most powerful and potent force that is under the will of a man.
The main effect of losing sexual energy can be attributed to a variety of reasons and are mainly 5 points, as mentioned above. But, the main and primary reason for erectile dysfunction is the lack of impulses present in your body that govern the physical and mental health. Consider a wealthy and powerful individual who has a perfect family.

Suddenly, a scandal gets exposed that shows the individual getting involved with his personal-aid, and this leads to him losing his position and power.
When he was involved, the individual was bound to react to his impulses from within in spite of the fear of him being caught. But now, just like other people who suffer from erectile dysfunction, this wealthy individual has lost the control he had over his sexual energy. There are chances that he would work towards improving things with his family and public image eventually.
But, he might get conscious that his previous reaction to the sexual impulses and senses inside his body led him to getting in the middle of the scandal, and it might lead to erectile dysfunction yet again and the repercussions he had due to his previous sexual advance might only worsen things.
To sum it all up, it is not necessary that cigarettes, alcohol, diabetes or any of the above mentioned factors are responsible for erectile dysfunction. But, they are the effects and only boost the root cause such as physical and mental factors, due to which the confusion seeps in.
Until you know the root cause for erectile dysfunction and the reasons for its triggering, you would not be able to overcome it and your sexual prowess will only weaken over time if you try fighting with it. Hence, it is better to get to the root cause and address it by changing your mindset that would eventually lead you to overcome erectile dysfunction.


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