How to Get a Bigger Dick


Even with everything that a guy has to be concerned about — his profession, his body, his image, his style — the size of his penis will always be a top priority (and he’s normally enthusiastic about getting a big penis). In addition, if you’re a guy, planning to follow in the pattern of sending women exclusive pics of your manhood, make sure you at least understand how you compete with other men.

how-to-get-a-bigger-dickWhat is a big penis size?

This issue regarding penis size will probably never be resolved, however the results from a number of experiments manage to reveal that the normal hard penis size varies from 5.1 inches – 5.9 inches in size. Thus, anything over that can possibly be regarded as big. Literature about the normal width or length appears to flip- flop, however a number of experiments have referred to a normal penis size being 4.49 inches and when completely erect it would be 4.97 inches.

How do I determine the size of my penis?

Measurements should be done only on an erected penis, since size matters if you want to please your women in bed. To determine your penis size, basically measure from the base of the member to top of your penis using a ruler. Ensure that you don’t measure from the underside; the base you need to measure from would be from the topside of your manhood. For girth or circumference, use some string and place it around the penis (halfway up the size of the penis), then move the string to a ruler.

Soft penis size versus hard penis size?

A number of studies have indicated that a soft penis size is not related to a hard penis size. Therefore, some males grow much more as opposed to others when erect. Thus, a tiny penis when soft will not always indicate that it is small when it is hard — an undeniable fact, you are now able to confidently share with your lover or potential partner.

Is the size of the penis associated with body size?

Basically, yes. Length is apparently associated with overall penis size and has been related in no less than four studies. Weight, however, has been related to penis size in certain studies, however, not as regularly as size. In most cases, body size is sort of associated with penis size, however the connection is complicated and not specifically proportional.

How about the size of the hand and foot? Not to weaken people with size-12 Jordans, but the latest research on foot size as well as penis size did not obtain a connection. Strangely enough, on the other hand, index finger size was discovered to be associated with overall penis length in a minimum of three studies. In case you are a tall man having a freakishly long index finger, it’s likely that you have quite a big penis.

At what age does the penis stop growing?

For boys, puberty start between the ages of 10-14. Male organs will probably stop developing between the ages of 16 – 21, when puberty is finished. Need closure? In case you stopped growing in height, now will be the perfect time to accept that your penis has stopped growing.

Does circumcision minimize penis sensitivity?

Sadly, yes. Circumcision can also change sexual behavior, with one analysis demonstrating that circumcised males were more prone to masturbate and take part in heterosexual oral sex compared to uncircumcised men

What are a few of the thoughts regarding penis size?

Guys are insecure: A number of studies have shown that guys who believe their male organs to be insufficient were in fact normal in size. Guys overemphasize the value of the size of their penis and an American Psychological Association survey discovered that more females were happy with their lover’s size than males were pleased with their own size of their penis. Although it shouldn’t make a difference, guys with a bigger penis size have better self confidence.

Females are happy with normal: The vulva, clitoris and internal parts of the female vagina nearest to the outside are the best sensitive parts of the vagina. Even when turned on, the vagina normally stretches just to a size around 4.0 inches, well under the normal penis size. Extremes of length are a bigger concern, which means bigger is not necessarily better.

Women prefer thickness to size: A number of studies have indicated thickness is a bigger factor for women than size. Masters and Johnson, on the other hand, have indicated that penis size must have no physical impact on sexual satisfaction since the vagina adapts to the length of the manhood. More width, on the other hand, may offer more clitoral pleasure.

What enlargement tactics are available?

You will discover several penis enlargement techniques available, on how to get a bigger dick and we’ve analyzed them in detail before, however let’s provide you with an instant refresher. To begin with, keep in mind several men believe that they are inadequate when they’re really not; if you’re in the average range in width and size as determined above, penis enlargement is probably not the best option for you.

Pills: Several to decide on, evidence is different and most involve ongoing use to obtain any result. Erectile dysfunction supplements such as Cialis and Viagra will definitely help with erection (however, they are not suitable to help you get a bigger dick), but should just be used under the assistance of a doctor for verified erectile dysfunction.

Exercise programs, Penis pumps, and Stretching: These strategies on how to get a bigger dick can be successful, but you have to use proven alternatives like SizeGenetics or Penomet.

Workout and stretching programs are usually advisable if you would like to boost your strength and help improve your sexual confidence, however, you need to try a complete body approach. Improving total body strength and heart strength provides you with more strength and allow you to last longer during sex. Try sex-related exercises.

Penis enhancement surgery: This is actually good approach on how to get a bigger dick, however it is usually uncomfortable and very pricey. This procedure will also possibly do more to improve your width than size, includes a high post-operative discontentment rate, and should be your last option when you are really under average in penis size and are emotionally suffering because of this.


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