Is It Normal to Have a Curved Penis?


It is perfectly normal to have a bit of curvature in the penis. As per studies, it was found that most of the men generally have a slight curvature in their penis towards any side. Also, curved penis does not come in the way or become an obstruction while the man tries to penetrate.

curved penisBut when the curvature is too high, the condition is known as Peyronie’s disease and it would not allow them to have normal sex, due to the great curvature in their penis. When conditions like these occur, a surgery is needed to rectify the curvature.

Penis curve is a condition where there is a slight bend from the straight position of the penis. The penis has the capability to curve at any angle, due to the high level of flexibility of the penis. The curve or tilt can be either vertical (up or down) or horizontal (left or right). The degree to which it is curved differs among individuals.

On an average, the length of penis in humans ranges from 5.5 to 7.5 inches when it is erect. However, there are people who have a penis shorter than that and longer than that too! Penis is primarily made up of a spongy tissue known as the corpus cavernosa. This tissue exists on either side of the penis and are generally equal in length. Thus, in healthy men, the corpus cavernosa tissue grows equally in both sides during erection. However, there might be a difference in the growth of both sides due to various reasons. This would lead to a curvature in the penis.

The primary reason for this to happen is due to an injury caused, due to which there might be a differential growth on any side of the penis. Also, the abnormal growth on one side can be caused when men wear tight underwear that might cause the penis to incline towards one side. It is common among men who are sexually hyper-active too. When they have sex with the woman in top position, it is likely that the ligaments in their penis gets torn and it would lead to a curvature. Men who indulge in anal sex also suffer a high risk of ligament tear, causing a curvature.

The reasons mentioned above are due to the physical reasons. However, apart from the physical reasons, there are also biological reasons that lead to the curvature of the penis. It may also be caused due to Peyronie’s disease. When this disease occurs, there is scar that appears on any side of the penis without any reason for the same. Due to this, there is no growth on that side of the penis and hence, the penis begins to droop on one side. It might also arise due to congenital defects, which may be cured easily in the early days of childhood. Also, it is a misconception among people that a curved penis is caused by masturbating. This is not true, but when boys who just hit the puberty do not know about how to masturbate, there are chances that it might lead to a curved penis.

On the whole, a curve in the penis is not a problem or a reason to worry about. One can enjoy penetrative sex even when the penis is curved and it would not have any impact on either partners. Also, penis curves do not have anything to do with impotence nor do they lead to impotency. Penis curve is a condition of the cosmetic appearance of the penis and does not relate to the potency or health of the penis.

Penis curves can be treated and there are several surgical methods available for the same. The tissue that causes a penis curve is to be operated surgically and hence, it is recommended that the procedure must be performed by a surgeon who has an expertise. If the curvature in penis is caused due to Peyroine’s disease or any previous injury, the method used for treatment is injection of Verapamil to the scar. By injecting Verapamil, the scar would heal by itself, thereby leading to the curing of the curvature present in the penis.

Curved penises are extensively being treated by making use of natural herbs and their extracts for treatment. Pharmaceutical companies are also indulging in research to know the benefits of these herbs and mostly, are getting positive outcomes from their experiments. One of the popular herbs being used is Shilajit, which has originated from Ayurveda. Some of the other popularly used herbs are Panax Ginseng, Ashwagandha and Biloba.

On the whole, it may be noted that having curved penis is absolutely normal and it is not necessary to get it operated. Jeans are also tailored so that they can accommodate curved penises easily. Surgical procedures are required only if it gets difficult to penetrate or if women do not find it to be pleasurable. If not, it is good to be happy with the shape of the penis the way it is.

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