Penomet Gains


I obtained my Top quality Penomet Pump Package in one piece and earlier than what I expected, in just 7 days after I purchase it.

I purchased my first penis pump, about 20 years ago and ever since then I bought others and even designed a few myself. The idea of using a vacuum pump for enhancement purposes, in addition to other workouts has always fascinated me. However, the thought of swelling that may come from certain penis pumps is not something that interests me. I see myself as an expert in terms of vacuum pumping.


Penomet gains


My goal for my first Penomet pumping workout was to go through each of the five gaiters beginning with the Force 60 (purple) and ending with the Force 80 (red). However, I never managed to get past the Force 70 (black); the vacuum force from the Penomet gaiters was truly more than what I anticipated.

One thing that I can tell you about the this product is that it is indeed a powerful device and I’m truly satisfied with the results I obtained.

One of the things that were a standout for me from the Penomet penis pump was the fact that it didn’t lose vacuum or leak in any way. There wasn’t a situation by which the tube leak or came loose, even with the Force 60 (purple).

The level of hot water that the Penomet pump keeps enables the penis to remain perfectly heated for the time period of my sets. This concept of “water pumping” using hot water certainly increases blood flow and keeps my penile in a flexible condition, making it possible for maximum enlargement and minimizing the possibility of injuries as a result of high levels of vacuum.

Scrotal pulled back into the cylinder is non -existent with the Penomet penis pump. The seal shaped around the male organ is amazing. A leaking seal is typical with a lot of tube designs in the industry, however, with the Penomet pump the seal is air tight…or rather water tight.

Vacuum pressure simply takes a few compressions of the gaiter causing the device to work right. I truly like the release valve sensitivity; I simply require the most soothing touch to gradually generate the vacuum pressure.

My member reacted perfectly to my first Penomet workouts and I have to say that I am really thrilled with the design and performance of the Penomet Pump.

The only downside I’ve discovered with this product is that the gaiters inner side where the seal is shaped around the base of the penile. The gaiters are shaped with a clear 90 degree edge that if combined the extremely tight seal and high vacuum levels the Penomet offers brings about pain and suffering.

Even while using the Force 65 (blue) and the Force 60 (purple) I experienced discomfort that was quite unbearable, that within just 5 minutes of use I needed to release the vacuum pressure and remove the pump cylinder. In fact, I obtain a tiny cut, which bled on my scrotum skin on the ventral side my manhood using this sharp edge. I stopped using the Penomet for a while to allow my small injury to recover.

I am using surgical quality anti-biotic cream and I believe the injury will heal just fine.

This particular style problem encouraged me to consider how to handle this problem and get a solution because of the sharp inner edge of the gaiters would certainly mean that the device is not useful to me.

The first thought that came to mind was to trim the inside edge of the gaiter to produce a slight radius of around. 0.125 inches, as a result removing the sharp injury making inner 90 edge of the gaiter. Thus, I used a Gillette shaving blade and went around the inside edge and shaved off a little bit of material. Wow…what a quick advancement in comfort and no compromise to the seal around the base of my male organ.

However, the blade, grabbed and dug in deep to my Force 70 (black) gaiter leaving behind a fairly visible notch taken away from the inner edge. I’m sort of disappointed, but too late now; the damage has already been done.

I do not suggest cutting the inside edge of your gaiters except if you are prepared to accept the possibility of completely ruining the gaiter as I have done, but as the saying goes…”drastic times call for drastic measures”. However, now I’m able to use the Penomet without any discomfort and injuries.






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