Premature Ejaculation and Other Problems in Males


As per the studies conducted, it was found that one in every ten males face problems related to sexual health. While some of them complain of premature ejaculation, others are known to have an erectile dysfunction. To explore more regarding the sexual problems, Dr. John Tomlinson gives his expert advice on the procedures to be followed in case of sexual problems Dr. John from the Sexual Advice Association.

As per Dr. John Tomlinson, sexual dysfunction is a condition when men are not able to perform sex properly. The root cause behind this is that men are unable to gain or sustain erection and it is a more complex problem than what people think of it to be. On an average, 7-8% of males in the age group of 20-40 years are affected due to it, 11% in the age group of 40-50 years, 40% of men over the age of 60 years and above 70 years, the percentage is over a whopping 50%.

The sexual orientation is immaterial and erectile dysfunction can be faced by straight, gay, bisexual and transgender also! Continue reading to know more about erectile dysfunction (impotence) and premature ejaculation.

premature ejaculationErectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction, better known as impotence, is caused when a man is unable to gain or sustain erection. This happens to men at least once in their life and it is not a serious problem unless the man or partner thinks of it to be as one.


Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction to be caused. While some reasons are physical, other causes for erectile dysfunction may be psychological too.
Psychological problems generally do not stay for long and can be overcome easily. It may be the nervousness caused during first night or constant worrying about financial, family or personal issues. These problems can be overcome by consulting a psychosexual therapist who would help you get over it.


There are several physical causes for erectile dysfunction. Some of them are listed below:


1) Medical conditions due to which Erectile Dysfunction might occur

a) Diseases of the Heart

b) Suffering from Diabetes

c) High Blood Pressure

d) High Cholesterol Levels: When the cholesterol levels are high, it might result in the clogging of arteries present in the penis, due to which blood flow is hampered and erection cannot be achieved.

e) Decreased Testosterone Levels: The testosterone levels tend to drop when men age. However, it is not necessary that lower testosterone levels would result in erectile dysfunction. The symptoms of low testosterone levels are tiredness, fatigue and the losing of interest to have sex.


2) Drugs due to which  Erectile Dysfunction can be caused

a) Prescription Drugs: There are several drugs that are used to increase blood pressure levels, antidepressants, antipsychotics and anticonvulsants that would result in erectile dysfunction.

b) Consumption of alcohol

c) Other recreational drugs used such as cocaine and cannabis.

d) Nicotine Consumption: Smoking and other nicotine products lower the blood flow to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction.


What are the steps to be taken if erectile dysfunction exists?

You need to consult a General Practitioner and the GP would conduct tests and analyses to assess the root cause for erectile dysfunction.
Erectile Dysfunction can be caused due to a variety of reasons such as high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes. Timely tests can also help you prevent any heart diseases. Erectile Dysfunction would act as an indicator too.


How can Impotence be treated?

Impotence can be cured by altering your lifestyle conditions and sticking to good habits.
Dr. John Tomlinson said that by giving up lifestyle habits such as drinking, smoking and usage of drugs such as cannabis or cocaine have to be given up and eventually, the individual would be cured of impotence.

Also, if you are under medication for blood pressure of depression, ask your doctor for alternate medicines so that you may get rid of impotence.

If men face the problem of low testosterone, they may consider treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and this will help to overcome erectile dysfunction when it is used along with drugs that stimulate erection. Alternatively, if you are suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes or cholesterol, you may avail treatment for the same and it would help you overcome erectile dysfunction. If you wish to seek a sudden treatment that causes erection, you may consume a dose of Sildenafil Cotrate, better known as Viagra.
For all types of psychological problems, you may consult a psychosexual therapist, who would help you in addressing the emotional and psychological issues with your partner that would help you gain erection.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a condition when the man ejaculates very quickly while having sex. This can be a problem only if the man or his partner is unhappy about it.
Premature Ejaculation can be cured by consulting a General Practitioner or a Psychosexual Therapist.

How is Premature Ejaculation caused?

Premature Ejaculation is caused when the man is highly excited or when the local nervous system is over-sensitive, which causes the man to reach an orgasm quickly.

How can Premature Ejaculation be overcome?

You need to consult a General Practitioner or a psychosexual therapist, who would help you in knowing the steps to delay the orgasm.

Is there a cure for Premature Ejaculation? (Penomet™ Can Help You!)

Premature Ejaculation is not a serious condition and unless the condition causes a lot of botheration, no treatment is required. Some of the steps for overcoming premature ejaculation are as follows:

a) Soon after having sex, have it again. Due to this, men would last longer during the second time. However, aged men would find it tough to gain an erection soon after having sex.

b) There are creams available that has to be applied on the penis. This would result in the man having a numb sensation in their penis. This is not recommended as numbness would be caused even in the partner.

c) If there is a partner who is co-operative enough, they can squeeze the penis such that ejaculation is prevented.

d) Other ways include making use of anti-depressants that would help the man to ejaculate later or they can always talk to a psychosexual therapist to get rid of premature ejaculation.



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